Work From Home Ideas – How to Avoid Losing Your Shirt Working at Home

Have you joined a home business or are you looking at work from home ideas? Maybe the negativity that surrounds at home business scams has made you think twice. The world wide web may seem like a shark infested sea, but if you are careful it is certainly possible to avoid the scams and find some genuine opportunities.

Work at home ideas both offline and online can prove to be quite lucrative and could be a great source of additional income. There are a number of methods you can use to spot the bad deals but it is essential to keep in mind that you are just starting out and to take your time. Don’t just jump in at the deep end and choose the first opportunity that presents itself.

Careful selection means you need to analyze a number of aspects of each home business opportunity and with some practice and research you will find yourself a great opportunity that will give you the potential to earn some extra money. Now, let’s look at some of the hazards to avoid.

- The first rule should be of no great surprise – if an opportunity seems too good to be then it probably is. I never tire of imparting this knowledge and it is probably the most important rule.

- Keep an eye out for very attractive work ideas from home that don’t seem to be a fit for the situation involved. For example, paid surveys – if you come across a survey that is promising to pay outrageous sums of money or rewards for only 5 minutes of work then avoid it at all costs!

- Always make sure that a site includes genuine contact details. This should preferably include a telephone number; in fact, if you can’t contact them by telephone move on. However, an email contact is usually enough and you can test this is genuine by sending an email. If you receive a response in good time then you can probably put more trust in the website.

- Watch out for ridiculous testimonials. You have probably seen them before. These include documented reviews and reports showing customers with cheesy grins. These are very easy to fake, but before marking the site as an at home business scam, run a quick background check on the website. Do they have contact information? Just don’t give in to temptation and give away all your personal information as you could regret this later.

Be careful of websites that ask for a membership fee upfront. Free websites are available that give away the same information such as lists of survey websites for you to look at. Also be aware of outrageous guarantees and always check there is means to get your money refunded.

In a way, the points listed above come down to common sense, but it is always a good idea to review them anyway to remind yourself of common pitfalls. One aspect that is particularly worrying is the number of elderly people who become victims of work ideas from home scams.

Those who are new to the Internet are especially vulnerable. The sad fact is that some very good paid survey sites and opportunities exist and it is just a point of sifting through each one to find the good ones.